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Why take a chance with other therapists when you can have the benefit of live sessions with the bestselling author of
books on the issues that most matter to you, relationships, bereavement, anxiety, depression?  In addition, your live sessions, and your busy schedule can be supplemented with text, email, voicemail, and now, Voxer.

When sad events happen, we don't always have time in our busy lives to deal with them. VoxDox professional support allows you to deal with your issues on your schedule. 

Whether a breakup, loss of a loved-one or just low feelings, we're here to help you feel better. 

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Howard Bronson, Msj, Mcp

The author of 12 books in the areas of bereavement and empowerment, including the bestseller  'How to Heal A Broken Heart in 30 days and Early Winter, Bronson has over 40 years of counseling experience. He is one of the country's leading authorities on breakup and grief support. Now you can call upon him with the unique VoxDox counseling subscription service. 

For more information, please email  [email protected]

"Howard Bronson is a marketing genius! His expansive and creative development and marketing knowledge of small product development hits it out of the ball park. He makes marketing part of a lifestyle. I found him to be energetic, highly focused and someone who has a knack for increasing product visibility and demand. Howard’s drive, tenacity, and professionalism are contagious, making him highly effective at building strong internal and external relationships. He fosters the growth of people on his team, building their experience and guiding them along the way. Not only is he an excellent in his field of marketing, but a great conversationalist and author who I recommend taking to lunch."

Julia Rhodes
CEO at KleenSlate Concepts

"Howard Bronson is a top-notch marketing and business consultant and author. His insights and knowledge are valuable to anyone who comes in contact with him. I highly recommend him!"

Lonnie Hirsch
CEO / Founder at Hirsch Healthcare Consulting

"Howard is a visionary as well as a powerful pragmatist. I highly recommend his work and his partnership on any venture."

Melissa G Wilson
Ghostwriter, 5-Time Bestselling Author

"In the thirty years I have known Howard, he has consistently combined over-the-top creativity with diligent and disciplined execution. He is an unusually talented professional and a productive communicator/author/producer who brings good-nature, humor, and a love of people to his work."

Jay Coburn
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

"Without a doubt, Howard is one of the most creative and industrious individuals I have had the pleasure of working with."

Greg Cynaumon, Ph.D
Founder / CEO at ADcology

"I attended Lawrence Academy with Howard. We became great friends. Howard Bronson is one of the finest individuals that I know. The students and professors at Lawrence Academy always thought very highly of Howard. He is a true role model, an inspiration, and a brilliant thinker. He is a person of great integrity and generosity. I am proud to recommend Howard."

Reginald Sledge, MBA, CBCP
Vice President, Business Continuity Engagement Manager at Union Bank

"Who would have thought that a fairly typical professional client referral on a challenging real estate matter would open the door of reciprocity to an ongoing flow of clear thinking and creative inspiration. While I may have been the one who rendered the original timely advice on a specific business situation, Howard Bronson - through his works and his words - has been an ongoing source inspiration and an example of tactical mastery at a time when turning business lemons into market share-lemonade has been so vital for our company. How so? After just one reading of "Free Enterprise" our eyes were opened to the broader value of many of the elementary aspects and functions of It took a kick in the pants from Howard to see that that our professional way of thinking in matters of real estate and finance, which had become so automatic for us, could be taught to others with life-changing effect. Frankly, I can't wait to see what next-level teaching he'll make available to us next! As one who has benefitted on many levels from his skillful advice and mentorship, I am so pleased to recommend Howard to anyone within earshot!"

Dan Crowley
Founder & Chief Empowerment Architect at Commercial Loan Success

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